You are a natural problem solver, an inspired dreamer, and you always want "more." Yep. 

To keep pushing your vision forward you need to know how to create the space you need.

You need space:  

  • for your dreams to thrive

  • to live intentionally

  • that supports healthy family relationships

  • to make a graceful transition

  • and to connect with other creatives.

This is for you. 

My name is Jillian and creating space is my passion and specialty. I am an architect and birth doula (I understand spatial relationships and emotional transitions) + I am an introvert who loves to distill ideas to their essence (making change simple.) What you'll find here is unique. I've blended the design process of architecture with the support of a doula and the sensibilities of a working mom to show you how to create space for your dream-life and reality to co-exist + thrive. 

The Relentless Creative | Jillian Souza