Spacious Living Classes


SPACIOUS LIVING CLASSES are specific self-study classes empowering you to create a home + life where your dreams and relationships can thrive. You can work through each class and see a change in your atmosphere in just one weekend.

Each class is designed to walk you through designing your spacious home + life where you are and with what you have.




Spacious homes provide ample room for everyone living there to thrive.

This means each individual has space to feel seen, known and understood. It means that the home provides space + time to grow, learn, create, dream and rest. It means the home provides space + time for honesty, connection and details that touch the soul. All because home has the potential to support our goals, stories and dreams like no other place.


Spacious transitions provide space + time to relieve the common stressors associated with change.

Rather than feeling powerless and stressed in the face of change you can feel empowered, confident and strong when you know how to protect yourself and preserve your dreams. Spacious transitions center around knowing where to focus and release your energy and thoughts. The outcome is that changes small and large can become catalysts for personal clarity.

I would have never imagined such an immediate change in the atmosphere of our home...
— Richele


For the mom. . . longing to foster family connection and to balance the needs of both adults and children, each with different personalities and dreams, in the home. 

The home provides literal shelter but it also protects the stories most important to us.

You can protect those stories and increase peace and understanding in the family when you give each family member the space they need to feel seen, known, and understood. 



For the creative. . . wishing their home could truly support and further their work and goals. 

The creative home is a safe house.

It's a place to make messes and experiment, to work and rest, to grow and learn. It's a place that supports your efforts, expressions, and truths. It protects your story and incubates the work you later put out into the world. And you can live there.



For the dreamer. . . still holding out hope that one day they will find a place where they belong and feel at home. 

Choosing a home is a wonderful opportunity; a window to define what really matters. Armed with a few key elements, you willl be able to search for a home that is in alignment with your story not just your needs.



For the dreamer, creative, entrepreneur or parent. . . ready to feel empowered, confident and strong in the face of change. 

Transition is inevitable but by actively participating in (and even enjoying) your transitions you will feel more confident, be able to reduce your stress level, preserve your dreams and move into the future with increased clarity.