spacious homes

moving edition

Choosing a home is a wonderful opportunity; a window to define what really matters. Armed with a few key elements, you willl be able to search for a home that is in alignment with your story not just your needs.

This class will walk you through 5 steps so you can choose, buy, or build your new home based on your values, truths, and hopes. 



  • You know you will need to move in the near future

  • You've tried to find the "perfect" home before and it didn't work out

  • You want a home that is truly beautiful (i.e.. it serves those who live there well)

  • You long for increased understanding and respect in the home

  • You're trying to eliminate unnecessary stress in the house-hunting process


  • How to choose a home that moves the heart

  • How to align your home search with your life values

  • How to envision the impact of a potential home

  • How to utilize the way you want to live and make that vision real 

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a personal note

My husband and I have lived in houses, apartments, duplexes, a vacation home, a warehouse, and out of our truck. And we tested every reason we could think of as to why we should move -- jobs, family, familiarity, childhood dreams, spiritual community, etc. Conservatively, 16 moves later we found our home when we moved so that each member of the family could be their best. I know each season and situation brings it's own challenge, but when you're honest and seek a home because it will serve the relational and creative needs of each member of the family then you will build a home worth remembering.


How long is this class available? This class is available all the time. No waiting. No learning curve. Just the ability to see radical (practically overnight) change in your home and life. 

How do I access the class? A link to the class will be emailed to you immediately and from there you can download the class. Your link will be available for 24 hours after initial access.

What's included in the class? Class includes a pdf lesson in a what/ why/ how/ 5 step format, a convenient checklist, and 3 printables for your wall or device.

How long will it take to implement what I learn? The lesson is a quick read in an easy-to-digest format and the steps are immediately actionable. You can easily work through the steps and implement change in your home over the weekend.

Are you teaching feng shui, minimalism, organization, or a spiritual practice? No all material is original. What I share are spacious living principles from my work as an architect and life as a creative mom. Our physical and mental worlds are so closely connected that I was inspired to apply design principles on a micro scale.

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