spacious transitions

Transition is inevitable but by actively participating in (and even enjoying) your transitions you will feel more confident and in control plus you will be armed with the ability to reduce your stress level.

This class will equip you with 7 practical practices so you can walk through transition and retain your sanity and strength. 



  • You want to be pro-active in tackling an approaching life transition

  • You feel rushed and out-of-control on a regular basis 

  • Your relationships are strained due to daily comings-and-goings

  • You want to protect your mental/ emotional health during difficult times

  • You're trying to eliminate unnecessary stress in your life


  • How to preserve what matters in the face of change

  • How to keep dreams alive while focusing on the change at hand 

  • How to create space to smoothly transition through the day

  • Practical and passive exercises to protect your sanity and strength

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a personal note

I love times of transition. I believe they are beautiful thresholds of moving from one thing to the next and I love that feeling. In fact I used to crave change so much that moving and cutting my hair were constant comforts. I think this love of transition is one of the reasons I became a birth doula. (Talk about a powerful time of transition.) But as we age the role of transition changes often becoming more serious and weighty. I believe there are actions we can take to bolster ourselves through change, both wanted and otherwise. I began implementing these strategies as a young adult due to a concussion and therefore a delayed dream. Tools that preserve our dreams are priceless.


How long is this class available? This class is available all the time. No waiting. No learning curve. Just the ability to see radical (practically overnight) change in your home and life.

How do I access the class? A link to the class will be emailed to you immediately and from there you can download the class. Your link will be available for 24 hours after initial access.

What's included in the class? Class includes a pdf lesson in a what/ why/ how/ 7 step format, a convenient checklist, and 3 printables for your wall or device.

How long will it take to implement what I learn? The lesson is a quick read in an easy-to-digest format and the steps are immediately actionable. You can easily work through the steps and implement change in your home over the weekend.

Are you teaching feng shui, minimalism, organization, or a spiritual practice? No all material is original. What I share are spacious living principles from my work as an architect and life as a creative mom. Our physical and mental worlds are so closely connected that I was inspired to apply design principles on a micro scale.

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