Relentless Tribe -- Monthly Interview + Challenge 

You are awesome for landing on this page. Thank you for accepting the challenge to share your story + journey! 

The Tribe exists so relentless creatives can share the beauty, hope, and struggles of being relentless + creative. 

At the core, we are a band of creatives relentlessly pursuing vision, community, connection, growth, and authenticity.

Whatever you share, this is your audience.


Why the interview + challenge format? 

Relentless Creatives are always looking for "more" in the form of a new technique, a work-flow tip, a source of knowledge or inspiration, or a new connection or purpose for their own work. 

An interview is an easy way to get to know someone and become inspired when you (hopefully) learn some of their hidden motivations and processes. And interviews in a like-minded community give an instant feeling of "I'm not alone!" In addition, the creative being interviewed gets a chance to share their work and story in a meaningful way with people who care. That sounds like a win-win!

The challenge is an overflow of your work as a way to share your passion or skill. Ideally it would be a specific creative challenge that stems from your own creative process or story. A good place to start is to think about if you have a concept or technique that you want to teach or share. We will always ask people to share a photo as their participation in the challenge but you can add an extra to-do if it fits your challenge. If process or explanatory photos would be helpful in your challenge please email them to me along with your form.


The fine print:

Initially I plan to share 1 interview + challenge a month. That means that while your challenge will be shared directly after your interview it will be the challenge for the whole month. Your participation, encouragement, and feedback to participants is invaluable. This includes what people share in the Tribe or on Instagram under the #relentlesstribe as a direct response to your challenge. Your efforts in this area won't take much time but I do appreciate your attentiveness. The respect your participants feel will be far reaching. 

In addition to submitting the forms below, please email me a photo of you, at least one photo of your work to pair with your interview, and a photo that applies to your challenge if possible. Additional photos are always welcome. You can email me @

There are 2 forms in an effort to simplify the process. Maybe you're ready to complete the interview but need a few more days to formulate your challenge? No problem as long as both forms are submitted by the cut-off date described below.

If you get stuck on a question, you can always let your "why", your inspiration, or what you would want to know be your guide.

Please submit your answers by the 25th of the month prior to your "interview month." For example, if your interview and challenge are scheduled for April please submit this form by the 25th of March so I have time to format and build additional materials for that month. Feel free to email me @ if you have any questions.


I'm so grateful for your participation and can't wait to share your story!


Part 1: the interview

Name *
What does Relentless Creativity mean to you?
Introduce yourself! In story format, share your name and location, a bit about your personal life, and the structure of your creative life. The personal share is your choice but think along the lines of what connects you to others, ie. how many kids you have, how much you love your dogs, your hobby, or favorite beverage. The "structure of your creative life" would be along the lines of business owner, day job + side hustle, passionate hobby, etc.
When did you realize that you HAD to create?
How did you arrive at your (now) primary expression of your creativity? Was it an instant fit or did you have to experiment to find your way?
What is your WHY -- the driving force that keeps you motivated and focused?
What benefits have you witnessed or experienced from your commitment to create and share your work?
Can you share a breakthrough or obstacle that you have overcome because of your commitment to create?
Is there anything else you really want to share?
Where can we learn more? Please share any relevant websites or social.

Part 2: the challenge